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Avoid These Five Literature Review Pitfalls

The 7 Habits of Highly Productive ABDs & Other Academics

8 Red Flags that Could Kill Your Doctoral Dream

The Sure-Fire Way to Find More Time for Your Dissertation

The Secret to Overcoming Dissertation Delays

What Real ABD Self Care Looks Like

Six Great Reasons to Take a Nap

Three Better Ways to Find Your Future Career

Dissertate with Pleasure: 5 Proven Tips

Find Your Dream Job in One Hour Per Week

5 Ways to Add Joy to Your Dissertation Path

Why Dissertation Anxiety Can Be Good For You

ABD Warning: 14 Things You Need to Stop Doing

Just 18 Minutes a Day to a Done Dissertation

Break Your Dissertation Worry Habit in Three Simple Steps

Awe: The ABD's Secret Weapon to Flourishing & Finishing

9 Ways to Get Started Even When You Don't Feel Like It

Are You Thriving? Take the Flourishing ABD Quiz

Feeling Dissertation Shame? Try Self-Compassion Instead

The Zen of Dissertating: Smile, Breathe and Go Slowly

21 Hard Truths about Doing a Dissertation: What No One Tells You

Forget Resolutions--22 Ways to Build Focus and Energy for Your Dissertation

Ted Lasso's 8 Lessons for the ABD

Beat Dissertation Burnout:  5 Things to Do Now to Prevent a Crisis

Procrastinating on Your Dissertation? 10 Hacks to Tame Your Inner Saboteur

Ten Top Insider Tips for Mastering the Hidden Dissertation Curriculum

Five Best Ways to Stop Crippling Negative Self-Talk

The Secret to Snagging an Alt-Ac Job with your PhD

Take the ABD Stoic Challenge and Win Your Days

23 Warning Signs You May Need a Dissertation Coach

Want to Finish Your Dissertation? Go to Bed!

Dissertating with Balance in an Unbalanced World: 4 Proven Tips for Focus, Happiness, and Resilience

Revive Your New Year’s Resolution & Finish Your Dissertation

Top Pandemic-Apt Gifts for the Dissertation Writer in Your Life

How to Cope with Pandemic Fatigue: For ABDs and Everyone

Why You Need Self-Reflection to Finish Your Dissertation

Time Block Your Way to a Done Dissertation

Nudge Yourself to the Dissertation Finish Line with Four Proven Strategies

Seven Steps to Developing Emotional Agility for a Done Dissertation and Greater Resilience

Dissertating in Covid19? 13 Ways to Prevail & Grow in a Crisis

Stranded on Dissertation Highway?  Leverage Our 7 Strategies to Blast through Changes and Challenges

Addicted to Your Phone? Convert it from distractor to dissertation power device with these apps

Five Great Ways to Overcome Dissertation Inertia

The Best ABD New Year’s Resolution Ever—Can You Guess It?

21 Great Holiday Gifts for the Dissertation Writer in Your Life

Twenty Reasons Smart ABD's Don't Finish

Take a Great Guide on Your Dissertation Journey

Finish Your Dissertation in 18 Minutes a Day

Best Editing Apps, The Seinfeld Strategy, Career Design, and Becoming "Educated"

Rock Your Dissertation with the 80/20 Rule

It's Just a Dissertation – or How to Stop Panicking and Finish Your Doctorate

Beat Dissertation Burnout: 5 Things to Do Now To Prevent a Crisis

Finish Your Dissertation By Managing Your Mood, Not Your Time

ABD Top Tips: Start Dissertating Faster with a Virtual Buddy, a Strict Schedule, and a Great Guide

21 Hard Truths about Doing a Dissertation: What No One Tells You

Getting Bogged Down With Your Dissertation? How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself

Finish Your Dissertation Strong and Happy: Three Proven Strategies from Positive Psychology

Ditch Dissertation Guilt—How Holiday Fun Can Rev Up Your Progress

The Single Best Dissertation Hack Ever

Become Your "Dissertation CEO" and Finish Faster: Twelve Things You Need to Do Now

Twenty Seconds to Your Dissertation or How to Become Extraordinarily Productive

Leap Over Dissertation Hurdles with the WOOP Power

8 Minutes or Less to Dissertation Mindfulness

Four Surprising Ways to Rev Up Your Dissertation with Summer Fun

8 Bad Habits Holding You Back from Finishing Your Dissertation​

Finish Your Dissertation: Become a Willpower Ninja

Work Smarter Not Longer, Eat Better For Less, Enter The 3MT Contest, & Invest Your Tax Refund

More Insider Tips for Finishing Your Dissertation Faster

Top Insider Tips for Finishing Your Dissertation Faster

Harness the Proven Ingredient for Dissertation Success—And It’s Not What You Think

The Critical Dissertation Resource You Are Mismanaging

Explore New Dissertation Hacks, Jobs Beyond Academia, and Grad Student Tax Hikes

Want a Quicker, Better Dissertation? Do These Three Things Now​

The 7 Habits of Highly Productive ABDs & Other Academics

Weed Out Bad Advisors, Boost Job Prospects, Write More, and Other Dissertation Tips

The ABD Ten Commandments

Break the Dissertation Anxiety-Procrastination Cycle Forever

Skip Format Hassles and Enjoy Dumb Dissertations and Summer ABD Novels

Finish Your Dissertation in Two Awesome Hours

Find more time, write more, and rap more on the way to your PhD

Want Your Research Questions Approved Fast?

Sleep Your Way To Your Doctorate

13 Things You Must Give Up to Finish Your Dissertation

Renew Your Energy and Focus on Your Dissertation

Four Surprising Rules to Get Unstuck and Finish Your Dissertation Faster

5 Productivity Hacks for Finishing Your Dissertation

Smile Your Way through Your Dissertation—Finding the Sweet Spot between Chaos and Perfection

19 Sure-Fire Gifts for Doctoral Grad Students

Conquer Procrastination by Meeting Your Future Self

10 Ways the "Miracle Emotion" Can Help You Finish Your Dissertation

Four Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Dissertation

Lose that ABD Fat; Find More Focus and Time; Ditch Your Backup Plan

Four Willpower Secrets For a Done Dissertation

Stay on Track, Write More, Find a Job, and Gamify Your Dissertation

Revive Your Hope and Rebuild Your Self-Confidence in 7 Minutes

Surprising ways successful ABDs spend their summer plus how to do more “deep work” while creating more balance

What Really Makes You Procrastinate--And Proven Ways to Get You Back on Track

How to Conquer Stress & Your Inner Critic (and Get Crazy with Dissertation Titles)

Best Career Tips for Doctoral Students: Beyond the Tenure-Track Option


Feel like a Fraud? 5 Tips to Vanquish ABD Imposter Syndrome


Awesome Tips For Accountability, Mind Wandering, Email Overload, And More


The Seven Habits That Will Get Your Dissertation Out The Door Fast


You Will Break Your New Year's Resolution--Unless You...


Four Tested Strategies for Enjoying Guilt-free Holidays While Finishing Your Dissertation 


How to Write 500 Words in An Hour: Train Your Tortoise Brain


11 Job Search Tips I Wish I'd Known As A New Doctoral Student


Your Computer is Due to Crash--What you must do right now


ADT-The Secret Thief of Academic Productivity (and How to Banish It) 


Stop time leaks, end cravings, snag an interview, get happy in 2 minutes, and more


Fail Your Way to Your Doctorate


12 Free Summer Teleworkshop Launching Now


World’s most sadistic alarm clock. . . and more


When Advisor Feedback Sucks—What YOU Can Do


Finish your dissertation in two awesome hours


The Right--and Wrong--Way to Write Your Dissertation Question


Overcome distraction, burnout, procrastination, and more

ABD burnout: Don't let it stop you from finishing your dissertation

Avoid Angst & Delay--Choose the Dissertation Chair Right for You

Dissertation Mistakes: How You Can Survive and Avoid Them

7 Proven Ways to Survive Your Dissertation

Practice Gratitude to Power Up Your Dissertation Journey

11 Proven Strategies for Passing the ABD "Marshmallow Test" and Finishing Your Dissertation

The 20-Second Rule for Extraordinary Productivity




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