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FINAL CALL for ABDSG $2000 Coach Training Fellowship (11/15)

RECENT NEWS: The Train Is Leaving the Station! (See below for more info)

FINAL CALL for MentorCoach's $2000 ABDSG Coach Training Fellowship.  The training is live, interactive and virtual - by
teleconference (All you need is a phone or SKYPE.) and can be taken from anywhere in the world. 

The Fellowship Winner may choose from either of two 31-week Foundations Programs:

(1)  MCP 199 that launches Monday, November 16, 2015 at 12:00 pm Eastern.


(2)  MCP 200 that launches Thursday, December 10, 2015 at 8:00 pm Eastern

1.  CONTEXT - LAST CALL for MentorCoach's final $2000 ABDSG Coach Training Fellowship.

Dear Colleague,

This is the last call for our final ABD Survival Guide Personal and Executive Coach Training Fellowship. 


The winning applicant will receive a $2000 tuition-free fellowship f or the 31-week internationally recognized, ICF Accredited MentorCoach Coach Training Program--Foundations.


Coaching continues to be one of the fastest growing consulting fields in the world. It is ideal for those with the skills needed for success in academic arenas.  For example, the most central skill for building a coaching practice is the ability to write lucid prose. This is quite likely already a strength for you.


The MentorCoach Training Program is accredited by the International Coach Federation.  When you become certified by MentorCoach, you have met virtually all the qualifications to be certified by the ICF as well. (ICF's final step is simply to pass an open-book ICF  multiple-choice exam.)

You can add coaching as a part-time addition to your current work (as a student, teacher, or other professional position) or as a full-time coaching practice, and you can make it exciting. You can tailor your practice to your strengths and interests.  Graduates of our program now coach in dozens of niches with clients ranging from doctoral candidates to corporate managers and from executive coaching to academic and life coaching.




In addition, the Foundations Program provides the first (and largest) step
toward becoming a certified coach in one or more of these four domains. 

You can:




MentorCoach is requesting applications for the final Coach Training Fellowship (for subscribers to the All But Dissertation Survival Guide) for either of two 31-week Foundations Programs:

(1)  MCP 199 that launches Monday, November 16, 2015 at 12:00 Eastern or


(2)  MCP 200 that launches Thursday, December 10, 2015 at 8:00 pm Eastern.


(A note about the "MCP xxx" acronym;  MCP 200 is short for MentorCoach Program 200.  It will be the 200th cohort of students who have gone through our Foundations Program.  Some of the most successful first connected with us
through the ABDSG.)


You may wish to familiarize yourself with information about the program:
1.  MentorCoach Website
2.  The Foundations Coach Training Program
3.  Our Executive Summary, the best roadmap to the program.
4.  The MentorCoach elective Master Classes.


And, of course, you are already familiar with our outreach site for ABDs and other graduate students and faculty: The All But Dissertation Survival Guide which has, in addition to the newsletter, provided thousands of hours of individual and
group coaching to brilliant ABDSG readers over the last 18 years.

Thought-Leader Interviews:  We hold monthly interviews with thought leaders in coaching and positive psychology in global 80-minute Q&A teleconference calls.  Many of these calls are with scholars who are at the top of their fields.  You will be able to participate in these interviews or listen to them by recording. 


2.  The ABDSG Coach Training Fellowship Application Instructions











To apply, complete this application following the instructions closely.

Completing this application is not a marathon! You should be able to complete it in an hour or less.  We are simply looking for brief, to-the-point answers!


1. How To Send Us This Application

(a)  The first step is to go to the application form and copy and paste the blank application into a the body of an email. 

(b)  The second step is to respond to each question in the body of the document itself, inserting your answers in bold, red type.

(c)   Then copy and paste the completed application into an email.  (No attachments.)

(d)  In the SUBJECT LINE, please put in all caps, "ABDSG FELLOWSHIP - November, 2015 + Your Name"
       (For example, ABDSG FELLOWSHIP - November, 2015 + Tim Ball)

(e)  Email your application to this address:


(f)  Do not send attachments, put everything in the email.  Even if you include something long like your vita.  Put it all in the

      body of the email. It is fine if it is long.


2. Specific Fellowship Requirements


*The Fellowship is intended for those with financial need.


* Fellowship winners will need to be able to pay a $295 administrative fee and buy two books (totaling $38 +
 shipping via


Complete description of Foundations Program.

A. The Foundations Coach Training Program












The Foundations Program is our flagship, 31-week coach training program. 

Foundations classes taught by different teachers are identical in content.

MCP 199 Mondays
31 Mondays
12:00 pm - 12:59 pm Eastern (New York Time)
Starts Monday November 16, 2015
Stephen Coxsey, LPC, PCC
All information here

For a short recorded interview with Steve, see the bottom of his bio.





MCP 200 Thursdays
31 Thursdays
8:00 pm - 8:59 pm Eastern (New York Time)
All Time Zones
Starts Thursday December 10, 2015
Pat Hinton Walker, PhD, PCC
All information here

For a short recorded interview with Pat, see the bottom of her bio.




3. More About the Fellowship

You will inevitably need to miss some classes.  No problem.  You will receive digital tapes of all classes. 


* Fellowship winners should be deeply interested in the field of coaching (and in applying it to their areas of interest). Winners must be determined to take the MentorCoach Program-"Foundations" as seriously as if they were paying $1000 per week for the 31 weeks. In the long term, coaching should be an area of genuine interest in which they intend to develop a true expertise and practice over the next ten years.

* If due to conflicts you cannot attend the first class, you may join during the second or third class.  You'll be able to hear the recording of any missed classes and will be quickly and seamlessly integrated into the class.


* If you cannot agree with these points, you should not go forward with this application. (If you have a special circumstance, you may write us at


Please give succinct answers to the following.



3.  The ABDSG Coach Training Fellowship Application
Follow all the directions in #2 above. 


Click here for application.


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